30 Minute Love Affair

I have just watched a Show on TV that included Singer Paloma Faith. She performed a song called “30 Minute Love Affair”. As she says, the song is dealing with a brief encounter (not necessary sexually…) she has years ago with a basker in a city centre. It was a great experience that left her wanting more out of this meeting, but she never met that individual again. What a great story and what an amazingly beautiful song. This made me think about all those ‘brief encounters’ (especially platonic and non-sexual ones …) that I had and have; all those people that walk into and out of our lives. Those individuals we instantly hit it off with or have a bond with, which we don’t quite understand why.

A few weeks ago I was catching a coach to the airport, in the midst of our beautiful British summer it was raining cats and dogs. The coach got delayed and I was worried about making my flight. Upon arrival at the airport I was left with just under 45 minutes until take off. Instinctively I started running, and i noticed another worried soul making his way to beat time. We had a quick chat established we both started at the same place and are headed to the same destination. We teamed up to conquer the airport in an attempt to make our flight. To cut a short story even shorter, we made it! We were nearly the last people to walk onto the plane. And we had a fun time chatting. We agreed to meet up again once returned, but it never worked out. This guy was in my town for a few weeks for a summer course and off to where he came from. It was one of these situations where you meet a person that you feel at ease with, it’s fun and it somehow feels like you have known that person forever, well at least for longer than you had! Experiences like this are awesome memories and they leave me a happier and more content person. Unlike our ‘real’ friends and associates (aka Facebook friends) those people appear once and don’t have a chance to disappoint us. No letting-down, no hurt or pain or frustration. And they usually don’t break things or create a mess. Score! Although there is the brief moment of feeling sad that another meeting never occurred, but that’s fine.

Contrary to the title, not every one of life’s short encounters has to be a love affair. Some may be, and many we will treasure like they were. Some, probably most we will forget quite quickly, but those moments make our lives complete and provide us with constant uplift and energy.

One thing that helps is to approach life like one of Blackberry’s recent ad campaigns “Don’t just like”.

Don’t just like.

It’s all about love. No matter how long or short the time. Love gets better with time as it has a chance to mature, to be tested and nurtured, through trials, tears and laughs.

But there is something awesome, innocent and refreshing about brief encounters. (Remember, platonic and non-sexual!)

So let’s share the LOVE.

(By all means listen to the song, but don’t have affairs. Friends, yes. Affairs no!)

Newton Faulkner

I just saw someone posting this clip of Newton on facebook which is quite fun. I had the awesome opportunity to see him live, just a few days ago. He played at the O2 in town. I had bought the “hand built by robots” album years ago, and always loved it. I also attempted to go to a gig on multiple occasions, but always sold out. This time around I would strike lucky. The support was …. nice. Not my style. But Newton was simply awesome. The voice, the guitar, the lyrics. And the jokes. He is so funny. It was definitely one of the best gigs I have ever seen.

Fav three:

1. People Should Smile More a clip from the very show I attended

2. I Need Something

3. Dream Catch Me

Hello world!

So, I have decided to start a blog. After reading the latest post on my good friend Christos’ blog Predominately I think it would be a great way keeping all my stuff – ideas, thoughts, designs and other musings – together. I have started this also to do something useful while waiting for the announcements of the finalists for a competition I entered ( I have not even noticed that I played Jonny English: Reborn T.H.R.E.E. times. … not as good as the original, but some fun lines and scenes.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I (hopefully) will.